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My business philosophy is simple: treat my clients like family.


Life’s happiest moments can be, ironically, the most stressful ones. Like family, I will be there for you every step of the way.


It’s very important to me to establish a connection with each person I photograph because when my clients feel natural and relaxed their images will have that vibrant spark which cannot be manufactured. Your treasured images deserve nothing less than that!


On your wedding day, I am there with you from morning until night; experiencing, creating, and capturing your day with you as it unfolds.  


I go the extra step to make sure every image is the best it can be upon delivery.  


Fusion still/motion slideshows are a specialty of mine.  This combines video, capturing of the highlights of your wedding, coupled with artistic still images to create the cinematic story of your wedding that you can watch anytime, on any device.


Beautiful hand-made Italian books can be created from your images that will preserve your cherished memories for generations.


Prints and posters of all sizes are available, as are

custom-made websites.


I look forward to capturing your special day.



Star Wedding Photography

S T A R  Wedding  Photography

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